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How the World Works Now

How the World Works Now

The how, where, and why of work are changing fast.
This is the time to embrace the future and choose forward.

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A seismic shift is taking place in the world of work. Digitization, distribution, and democratization are the new normal, impacting the how, where, and why we work. This series explores how radical new tools and approaches are empowering us to build transformative processes and products, irrevocably shifting how we inhabit our working lives.

Across sectors and industries, we’re finding that work is no longer an unmalleable force to which we must adapt; it must now also adapt to us. This is a moment to think about the consequences of our actions. We are faced with a choice: we can stagnate with the same old ways of thinking, or we can use the tools at our disposal to build a more equitable and just working world.

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A special series focused on two big questions: How do you solve the world’s most important problems? And how do you inspire more people to believe that the most important problems can actually be solved?