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Our Own Hands

Stories of Black communities, technology, and engineering the future


A Letter from Cristina Jones

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer,

As the Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer of, I am committed to the idea of intentional storytelling – with a focus on action, impact, and culture.

I could not be more proud that is the technology partner for The Atlantic’s “Inheritance,” a critical reporting effort to gather, examine and share stories of the African Diaspora, and specifically the Black American experience, at scale. This deep well of stories—of marginalized luminaries, shared moments of joy, overlooked contributions to culture, and everyday resilience—illuminates the need to dig deeper into our past as we simultaneously look to power our future.

At, we are proud to participate whenever, and wherever, we see an opportunity for technology to contribute to society. We believe “Inheritance” is a unique and powerful combination of the art of storytelling and state-of-the-art technology. Personally, I think it is a wonderful example of how businesses can use their power, influence, and platform to accelerate tangible social change.

On this page, you’ll find stories crafted by and The Atlantic’s in-house creative studio, Atlantic Re:think, that spotlight customers doing important work to help power us all toward a better future.

Everything we do at is built to power the purpose of the thousands of nonprofits, educational institutions and philanthropic organizations that rely on our technology. Now, more than ever, our personal passions and professional choices can, and should, be intertwined. “Inheritance” spotlights not only lessons from our shared history, but also the potential of our shared future – something we care very deeply about at Salesforce, and at

We are honored to support The Atlantic and underwrite “Inheritance.” In our continued support for this critical journalism, welcomes the opportunity to use our technology to power a platform that puts data about the African Diaspora, the Black American experience and Black ancestry into the hands of the public.

Building a better tomorrow doesn’t happen all at once—it takes time, patience, and efforts big and small. Every day, Black Americans are engineering a more equitable future, leveraging technology and influencing the whole American idea in the process. and The Atlantic’s in-house creative studio, Atlantic Re:think, are illuminating stories of Black individuals, organizations, and communities committed to solving systemic problems, one win at a time.