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For the last seven years, Atlantic Re:think has worked with some of the most talented individuals from the creative community, including illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers.

To bring greater visibility to their craft, The Atlantic is donating its digital advertising space to promote their work. Across our site, you’ll find these creatives’ photos, illustrations and designs. We hope they inspire you, as they’ve inspired us.

Enjoy the work, find more like it on their portfolio sites – and if you’re in a position to do so – consider these freelancers for future projects.

This is the Blank Canvas Fund.

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Featured Creatives

Carlos Chavarria San Francisco, California

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Sarah Maxwell London, England

View Sarah's work →

Palesa Monareng London, England

View Palesa's work →

Sean Alonzo Harris Portland, Maine

View Sean's work →

Greg Betza New Jersey

View greg's work →

Cat Sims London, England

View Cat's work →

Levi Mandel Brooklyn, New York

View Levi's work →

Tony Luong Boston, Massachusetts

View Tony's work →

Alexis Jamet Paris, France

View Alexis's work →

Isobel Mehta London, England

View Isobel's work →

Jared Soares Washington, D.C.

View Jared's work →

Bryan Tarnowski New Orleans, Louisiana

View Bryan's work →

Valerie Chiang New York, New York

View Valerie's work →

Yi Chengtao New York, New York

View Yi's work →

Irena Gajic Belgrade, Serbia

View Irena's work →

Amy Harrity Los Angeles, California

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