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All Electric, All Different

All Electric, All Different

The philosophy is simple: The future will be electrified, and Polestar is all in.

Polestar, a design-driven, electric car company, is challenging the car industry while bringing it squarely into the future. The automotive sector has been envisioning a better tomorrow for decades, but it still clings to traditional conventions. The moment to move on is now. It’s time to break old resolutions and barriers – to think differently when it comes to electrification, design, and user experience. Reliance on combustion engines is coming to an end, and coinciding with the upcoming launch of the all-electric Polestar 2, the way forward is electric.

Progressive Design

Design is at the core of everything Polestar does, something Polestar CEO and world-renowned car designer Thomas Ingenlath emphasizes with every model he puts on the road. Each car is meticulously constructed with a focus on using design to provide meaning and artistry to technology. Everything from the sleek and luxurious exterior to the shades and materials in the interior is designed with the intent to beautify the advanced machinery within.

The architecture under the hood of the car is designed with the same precision and excellence that one would expect from a Polestar vehicle. An uncompromising approach with superb attention to detail is paramount to the brand as it sets out to be at the cutting edge of electric performance automobiles.

Pioneering the future

Society has been dependent on fossil fuels for far too long, and the transition to electrification isn’t moving fast enough. Polestar recognizes this truth, and while the auto industry still tries to fill a demand for an antiquated mode of transportation, Polestar is creating demand for the transportation of the future.

It’s time to change the narrative, to move forward into a fully electric future. Polestar has set an industry benchmark for car buyers with its modern subscription-based model, which replaces the outdated ownership models of the past. This all-inclusive, no deposit, flat monthly subscription payment addresses the current ownership dilemmas and inconveniences by eliminating issues like the unexpected costs of depreciation, insurance, service, and maintenance.

In another move to revolutionize the process of purchasing a car, the brand has said goodbye to salespeople and hello to product experts. At Polestar Spaces, conveniently located showrooms in downtown areas, staff provide customers with the tools and knowledge they’ll need to then go online and purchase a Polestar electric car.

Polestar’s distinctive style signals that a breakup from the old conventions of the car industry is inevitable. As Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath states, “We need to make brave decisions and stand by them.”

Changing the user experience

Changing and upgrading the user experience to reflect how technology impacts the driving experience is at the core of Polestar’s design process. The brand has prioritized changing the user interface, arguably one of the most important components of a driver’s experience. Not only will the Polestar 2 be at the vanguard of automobile tech when it’s released, but with its Android-based operating system, the new electric car will also constantly be connected to the internet, updating regularly and automatically like a smartphone.

Apps like Google Play, Google Maps, and Google Assistant will be part of the new intelligent user interface, underlying the important and convenient relationship between machine and driver. With the ease that one expects from a new electric car in this day and age, drivers will be able to easily stream podcasts or get real-time traffic updates via their phones, or use voice commands to change the temperature or play a song.

The next generation of electric cars is coming, and Polestar is bringing them to the forefront.