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Ladyfingers Letterpress: Drawing from Experience
Ladyfingers Letterpress:

Drawing from Experience

Arley-Rose Torsone and Morgan Calderini were tired of seeing greeting cards that reflected a narrow spectrum of relationships and identities. So after their wedding, the pair opened their own business, Ladyfingers Letterpress, and began making products that reflected their own experiences as LGBTQ+ authors, designers, and makers.

After learning how to use digital tools like Google My Business, their online following grew rapidly. Now, half of their business comes from their website. Today, Ladyfingers Letterpress continues to grow, as more customers looking for something special find their way to Torsone and Calderini’s shop. “Everyone’s going through something. Everyone’s feeling something,” Morgan says. “And if we can provide that human connection in this age where everything is so digital now, it means so much more than I think it did before.”

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