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It’s Time to Close the Digital Talent Gap

It’s Time to Close the Digital Talent Gap

Attracting, developing, and retaining digital talent can give companies a competitive edge.

The demand for digital skills in the workplace is continuing to grow, but across the world the supply of digital talent isn’t keeping pace. While nearly all organizations are aware of the digital talent gap, a survey by Capgemini and LinkedIn of more than 1,250 professionals around the world suggests they’re not taking enough concrete action to bridge it.

Half of the those surveyed acknowledged that the digital talent gap is widening. Fifty-four percent agree that the digital talent gap is hampering their digital transformation programs and that their organization has lost competitive advantage because of a shortage of digital talent. Fifty-nine percent of employers say that their organization lacks employees who possess soft digital skills, while 51 percent say they lack employees with hard digital skills. The two soft digital skills in most demand are customer-centricity and passion for learning and the two hard digital skills in most demand are cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Twenty-nine percent of today’s employees are anxious that their skills are either already redundant or will soon become so. The problem, in part, stems from the fact that employees don’t feel their organization’s training programs are effective. Close to half describe the training as “useless and boring.” Nearly 60 percent of digital talent invest their own time and money to get the skills they need beyond their workplace.

The fear of skill redundancy fears and lack of faith in employer upskilling efforts could trigger attrition. Over half of digital talent say they are willing to move to another organization if they feel their digital skills are stagnating with their current employer. Fifty-eight percent of digital talent are likely to gravitate towards organizations that offer better digital skill development.

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In an increasingly digital economy, organizations that bridge the talent gap will enjoy a competitive edge over those that don’t do so. A defined digital talent strategy that meets both business objectives and the needs and preferences of digital talent is critical for a sustainable and successful digital transformation.

To attract digital talent, Capgemini and LinkedIn recommend that organizations diversify their recruiting approach and align leadership on a talent strategy that considers the unique needs of digital talent. To develop it, they recommend creating an environment that prioritizes and rewards learning and chart a clear career development path. To retain it, they suggest giving digital talent the power to implement change and provide flexible and collaborative ways of working.

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