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For AI Success, Businesses Need A New Game Plan

For AI Success, Businesses Need A New Game Plan

Responding to rapid technological change requires an adaptable strategy.

Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and it affects everything it touches in the realm of business technology, from dynamic management of the cloud at scale, to first line defense against sophisticated cyberattacks. As both an opportunity and a risk for business, AI is a game changer. As a result, there is a growing need for enterprises to come up with a strategy for deploying the right technology from what can seem a bewildering array of choices, and through an architectural approach that delivers agility, security, and sustainability in line with business plans.

Beginning in the 1990s, converting enterprises and organizations to an ERP system was a massive, monolithic project. But today, the move to AI calls for enterprises to adopt a “polylithic” approach, one in which each facet of a business embraces AI and prioritizes its own deployment within the general strategy. The latest TechnoVision report, which serves as a technology guide for business, can help those navigating the compelling yet complex opportunities AI can offer.

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TechnoVision categorizes technology drivers with business change potential into six clusters. Two of them cover the foundational building blocks of a typical IT landscape. Another two cover crucial IT capabilities to deal with high-speed, high-impact digital change. The final two cover channels to the outside, connected world.

For the IT organization, perhaps the best path forward is to look at AI as if it were a new, standard, universal language which will transform everything IT does and how it does it. For business AI calls for new behaviors, to make sure the results of espousing AI match expectations rather than destroy them.

With the right framework, businesses can further crystalize their plans and bet on the right technology disruptions in order to continue to map and traverse a successful digital journey, one that isn’t about a single destination, but rather a single mission to thrive in the digital epoch.

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